Wash plan

Standard wash
Sensitive wash


Normal size
Big size

Detergents / Softeners

Standard detergent
Delicate clothes detergent
Sensitive skin detergent
Organic detergent
Unscented + Sensitive skin softeners
Fresh soap scent softeners
Lavender scent softeners
Floral scent softeners

Extra treatments

Fresh soap scent boosters
Lavender scent boosters
Floral scent boosters
Extra wrinkle guard
Additional drum (good for separate wash)


Extra Standard laundry bag
Extra Biggy laundry bag
Express delivery (Same day turnaround guarantee)

Subscription Plan

The Prince plan: $
The Queen plan: $
The King plan: $

Standard delivery (1~2 days turnaround) is always Free!!

Note: One free "Miss Pick-up reschedule" is allowed. $5/each may charged from the second time with the same order.

Note: Please use our original WashWasp laundry bags when pick-up to prevent accidents.
We might automatically charge for new laundry bags when submitting your laundry without using our original laundry bags. (except for your first-time delivery with us)

Caution: Miss pick-up without notice to our team, or not making a decision either rescheduling or canceling within your pick-up date, may lead to a $10 penalty charge. 

No hidden fees, No BS, Mark my words!!