Frequently Asked Questions

In General

"How do I make an order?"
"Where do I leave my laundry bags?"
"How do I know what is going on with my laundry?"
"Do I need to use WashWasp original laundry bags when pick-up?"
"Can I submit more than one laudnry bags at the single order?"

Wash & Fold

"What temperature do you use for wash and dry?"
"Do you also offer hang dry?"
"Can I place an pick up/delivery location that is not my default address?"
"What is the difference between Unscented vs Hypoallergenic detergent?"
"What kind of detergent will you use for delicate clothes?"
"I don't want to use any softners, but I want my clothes scented."
"Can I order scented softners along with scent booster to make it smell extra good?"

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